San Juan Puerto Rico: The Bermuda (Devil’s) Triangle

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San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Bermuda Island, As described by most Bermuda Triangle authors, apexes of triangle apexes are roughly defined as pointing to Miami. Jones opened Bermuda floodgates Triangle notoriety in first published newspaper article on the subject, distributed on September 16, 1950, by the Associated Press. Over years, there been dozens of articles, books, and television programs promoting Bermuda mystery Triangle. Notice, in his 1975 book, the Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved, author Larry Kusche reported that few investigated the mystery preparatory to passing on speculations and rumors that surrounded every incident dot 5 the most notable US Navy losses, that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle, have been USS Cyclops in March 1918 and Flight aircraft 19 in December the Navy suspects that the Cyclops perhaps sank in an unexpected storm and that Flight 19 maybe ran out of fuel and crashed into ocean.

While mapping earth’s magnetic fields, For should make any ship floating above sink like a rock.

Ben Clennell, of Leeds University, England, one explanation cites huge presence fields of methane hydrates on North Atlantic’s continental shelves. Whenever permiting it to bubble to the surface and reduce water density, He proposes that subterranean landslides may unlock the gas.

In a theory proposed by Dr. Nonetheless, Clennell claims that methane gas, locked below the sea sediments, should be responsible for a lot of mysterious disappearances. Rosenberg, author of Exorcising Devil’s Triangle quotes Henry Stockard, project director as saying, We have passed over times area hundreds and under no circumstances noticed any unusual magnetic disturbances. System of currents that forms the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre, It’s bordered on the west by the Gulf Stream, the north by the North Atlantic Current, Canary Current on east, and North Atlantic Equatorial Current on south. Sargasso Sea, one sea without shores lies deceptively in Bermuda Triangle surrounded by North Atlantic currents. In his article, Sea Mystery at Our Back Door, George Sand described a few disappearance airplanes and ships, including the story of Flight 19 in the October 1952 Fate issue magazine.